Multiple Frequency Measurement in Oscilloscope

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Abdul Razak 1

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I'm trying to replicate a frequency pattern for a Siren sound.
The starting frequency is around 1.2Khz and ending frequency is around 2.6Khz.
There are around 800 no’s of frequencies between 1.2Khz to 2.6Khz. which are repeating to generate siren sound.

How can I measure this all frequencies at once in Oscilloscope? Can oscilloscope can generate any excel file for that?
Oscilloscope is MSOX4054A also I have oscilloscope windows application.


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Get the oscilloscope to record a complete scan from the starting and ending frequency.
Save the data and analyze the data by measuring the cycle period from peak to peak or at consecutive zero crossings.


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Record the siren and save it as an MP3 file. there are several Fast Fourier Transform programs available on-line with a free trial download package. That would display the relative amplitudes of the tones in a frequency domain diagram.