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What is the voltage range of the analog signals?

What is the max frequency?

Are these specific signal types, like audio or a temperature sensor?

What power voltages are available to run the multiplexer?

Hi i know this is an old thread , but may be you can help me , I have a similar question i am in a need of a switch with multiple audio inputs , would like to make it automatic and also manual control , where 8 to 32 inputs to be sequenced in a loop to show on at a time at the output , also to be able to select and stay on on of the inputs at a time. can you help with that ?

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I checked your circuit, no problem with few switches.
The less switches you connect, the more voltage difference between two points you get.

A couples of weeks ago, I designed a project with GD32 MCU, since there's no more GPIO to be used, all PINs are occupied.
So I used one channel ADC to connect 4 buttons with the schematic like yours. It worked well.
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