Multiple transmitters, one receiver for digital I/O board

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Hi all,

I am working on a home alarm and automation system and have a 50 pin digital I/O board. At present my solution works a treat for the 20 wired digital inputs, however I would like to add some wireless capabilities.

I'm aware there are plenty of 433Mhz transmitter/receiver pair choices out there but was wondering if somebody knows what might cater for my specific needs?

An important requirement of this design is to maintain a one-to-one relationship between each transmitter and each digital input pin. There are plenty of options out there but they destroy the one-to-one relationship.

The transmitter must be a 3v - 5v battery operated module that is small and versatile enough to be used in conjunction with sensors which output 3v. That is to say they should be capable of being connected to the output terminals of your typical PIR, door contact or smoke sensors and transmit only when the sensor outputs are "alive".

The receiver must be a single or multiple smaller module(s) that either activate individual relays or can send to digital output pins which I can then connect to my digital I/O board.

AliExpress and dhgate have lots of stuff that comes close but not quite.
Basically I'm looking for components which I can have some modularity and allow me to integrate into my project without having to buy something that already does the job. If that makes sense!

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