Multi function switch?

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I need a switch (that uses virtually no power when not using the switch without using something like a raspberry pi) that when turned on turns on a light, but if i turn it on,off,and on again it turns on that same light AND a second light. but if i turn it on,off, wait a minute or 2, then on again will still only turn on the first light. How do i do this? i was thinking a simple time delay circuit in conjunction with a voltage switch and capacitor.

the first switch flip will directly power the first light and will also charge the capacitor and turn on the timer that controls the voltage switch.
the timer will expire after a second and the voltage switch will turn on and say " ok, i see 120v i wont do anything"
if i turn the switch off the capacitor will keep the timer and voltage switch powered long enough to see 0V and say "turn on second light"
then when i turn the switch back on 1 second later BEFORE the capacitor dies both lights will be on.

If i just turn the switch on then off then a few minutes later turn it back on the capacitor will be dead so the timer wont be running to tell the voltage switch to turn the second light on.

all of this will only use power when i need it( when im actually turning the lights on)

there must be something more simple than this right? help me out please


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I would tackle this with ATTINY85 and write some Bascom Tiny Basic
code to implement the logic and timeouts. Simple code also puts
ATTINY85 to sleep when not being used.

Interface that with Triac or MOSFET to actually do the load switching.

Basic compiler here -

Program the actual chip with Arduino, Google "arduino program attiny85", several sites
with solution.

Regards, Dana.