mp3 playback on a polyphonic cell phone

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    Feb 22, 2015
    OK, here's a project for some thought.
    You remember the old cell phones from early 2000 that had downloadable .midi ringer tones? Right after they moved from piezoelectric into polyphonic?
    Is it possible via firmware modification to make on of those play actual music?
    To my knowledge; the audio processing stage of the chipset has the capability to, at least on the analog side.

    Would the chipset have the necessary electronics to decode digital audio?
    Without having any details of the audio hub, I can only figure there is a MIDI controller, and some sort of DSP for telephony signals. Like any sound chip there must be a D/A converter from the output of the DSP. And the amp stage. Isn't that all a basic sound card needs? A DSP , a synthesizer, a DAC and amplifier?