Mounting several PCBs behind a front panel with no enclosures. Any shielding or noise issues?

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I am building several audio effects processors that are usually built into solid metal enclosures as guitar pedals that can be switched on and off with your foot. I want to mount them using the "Eurorack" module standard instead. This means that I will have several "front panels" with knobs and LEDs mounted to them, and the PCB will be mounted behind the panel with no enclosure. Well... there will be one large "enclosure" in that the panels will be mounted into a box with rails that they are screwed into, but each individual panel will not have a metal box around it's PCB.

I am following instructions from kits to build these, i.e. I am not at all savvy with electronics. So by deviating from the kits' instructions and mounting these things in this fashion, I do not know if I will run into any RF interference or problems with one PCB causing problems for one or more of it's neighbors.

QUESTION 1: Can anyone tell me if noise and RF signals might be a problem?

QUESTION 2: The dimensions for these individual modules are only 20mm x 128.5mm (.79" x 5.06"), but the PCB that I want to mount to the back of the front panel is more than twice that wide. I will need to mount them vertically, i.e. perpendicular to the panels. Do they make PCB "clips" or something that I can mount to the back of the panels, and then clip the PCB into something to hold it still?