Motorola F10 XAA532 IC Datasheet required.

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I have been searching for this specific component F10 XAA532 by Motorola ( image attached) but I can't find the datasheet, I just need to know if I can replace it with any altwrnalter, if someone have any idea please do share.
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Welcome. So, what I am thinking is that the chip is a 74ACT02 and that *maybe* any company that makes one will serve as a sub. I don't know what Motorola's XAA532 refers to exactly - maybe the package. You can find a number of 74ACT02 chips around, even from Motorola see here for example

Maybe if you can get hold of a Motorola ACT [ACT – Advanced CMOS, performance generally between 74S and 74F. Compatible logic levels to bipolar parts.] data book you can find out what exactly XAA532 means. Or someone else on here may know.