Motorized Window Treatment Project

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AV guy looking for some advice on a powered window treatment project.

We have 9 windows that were diasy chained with romex by the electrician on the job (should have been home run with low volt wire). The shades to be installed are 12v DC and come with a 700ma power supply. The plan now is to put a larger power supply at the head end to power all the shades. Voltage drop is an issue. The first window in the chain is about 100ft from the panel, and each window is about 10ft from one another. We are considering using a 24v power supply with buck converters at each shade motor. Is this a sound method in this situation?


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If the shades need a 12V psu, use a 12V one with a 5Amp capability then voltage loss won't be an issue, like an old Atx psu ideal... no need for buck converters..