Modeling a NAND Flash Cell (An MOSFET with a floating gate) on ADS

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After checking the ADS component palette. I found there are some MOSFET models available.
but there are no NAND flash cell models.
How do I create one?

A NAND Flash cell can hold different states (different I- V characteristics) depending on how it was operated that affect the Vth and IV characteristic.
I should be able to apply operations that change the states as well just like normal NAND Flash.

If in any case there is no direct path to create a Floating gate MOSFET on ADS, is there something that can achieve or mimic its behavior, maybe with the existing components that ADS provides?


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I don't know anything about ADS, but I doubt that you'll be able to simulate a NAND FLASH cell.

I don't think any general purpose simulator will understand hot electrons, let alone FNI FNT, which depends on very thin oxides, unless you take Seeq's approach.

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