MMA7455 x and z axes disabled, but data still varies

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my $18 registers ZDA YDA and XDA are set as shown below (the ------ indicates the active setting; I've left the other registers our since they have no bearing on the problem I'm having)

D5: ZDA (z-axis disable)
0: enabled
1: disabled -----

D4: YDA (y-axis disable)
0: enabled -----
1: disabled

D3: XDA (x-axis disable)
0: enabled
1: disabled -----

Unless I've read the datasheet wrong, the above says " . . .. disable x and z axes, enable y axis"

When I run the monitor, I get readings for all 3 axes that vary sensibly as I orient the sensor in various orientations.

Is the "disable" applicable only to the process of deciding if data is ready to read, or should I not be seeing variation in the x and z readings?