Mixing SG3525's output ti get a SINGLE PWM output [D = 0 - 99%]

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Hello, i'm a beginner that is getting started with power electronics.

I had designed a synchronous buck converter with sg3525, but i ran into a problem:

I need a single PWM output who's duty cycle can go from 0 all the way to 99 or 100%. Is there a way to do that with the SG3525? Mixing its two outputs in such a way that i obtain a single PWM output. Maybe with logic Gates? Operational amplifiers?

Even if it's complicated to do, please, let me know.

I dont have any other option. I can only use sg3525 for now, because i dont have any other ICs and i cant order them. But i do have some logic gates and operational amplifiers laying around.

If there is information missing i can send it to you. Sorry in case, i'm basically just a beginner that is trying to design a circuit.

Oh and, by the way, i dont have an oscilloscope... I know, it sucks.

If it's literally IMPOSSIBILE to do, maybe suggest some other IC that works like sg3525 but has a single PWM output.

Thank you.


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The 50% duty cycle limit has a practical explanation. If you want to do a buck converter with a duty cycle above 50% there are other things you need to consider which the SG3525 is unable to accomplish. Are you prepared to deal with the problems of a buck converter with a duty cycle in excess of 50%? IMHO, I think not, but you might surprise me.


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There are some simple to use PWM that include the pass transistor.
What is the input and output voltages and current?
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