Miniature multi-conductor cable

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    Sep 27, 2010
    Dear all,

    I have literally spent 8 hours straight looking for cabling solutions. I have several minuscule PCBs to connect in a 1:87 model car environment and I'm failing to find the right cables and/or connectors to do so.

    The first problem is I need a 5 to 6 conductor cable for signal transfer between central pcb and front and back pcbs. The max current the GND connection would have to carry is 60mA @ 2.8V with the positive terminals carrying maybe up to 30mA for one and the rest split evenly among the rest. I have a small length of this cable to test. While this seems perfect, I have been struggling to clean the isolation of it and solder it to anything let alone find a suitable "connector". Any reasonable means of connecting it to anything (provided I need to make, say, 100 such connections) would suit me. As long as they exist. Cannot find any and the producer/supplier is not responding.

    The second problem is power. Because of wireless charging solution, single cell LiPo battery and the need to run the system @ 2.8V because of certain sensors, I have 4 power wires - GND, charging, battery supply to the switch and back and 2.8V circuit supply lines in and out of the chassis central PCB. They will see currents of up to 600mA maybe, so rated for 1A @ 5V would be fine. On top of that, I have two not very noisy, but still noisy motor control wires. I was thinking to have either a 6 conductor round cable or 4 conductor + two twisted wires for the motor supply. I have been struggling to find a 4 to 6 conductor cable under 4mm in total diameter, but there is nothing out there that I have come across that would be under 3mm. This is a lot compared to what I actually need and what I have seen in mobile phones and other portable equipment. I just seem to be unable to find where to buy this stuff. If worst comes to worst, I do not mind a complete spool.

    Any directions or advice appreciated,

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    Yes use the searches on Digikey/Mouser/Newark.. should be a few to choose from at least..
    What about FFC-FPC connectors?
    Do you need through-hole or smt?

    When I'm looking for connectors I typically start at TE since they have bought out so many connector companies already..,17560
    I hate Molex (always seem to run into 28+ week lead-times) so I run from them but they do have tons of products like you need too..
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    Agree on TE and would JST as an additional source for small connectors.