Miniature circuit with flashing LED’s

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Hi there, can anyone help me. I’m looking for a very small flexible board which has on it 1,2 or 3 LED lights and a power source. The LED’s can flash or not, depends on what’s possible

the circuit needs to be no more than 8mm wide x 15mm long.


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The only thing I can think of is if you google "led cake lights" there should pop up some eBay links , that are small led lights for cake decorating.


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If you can solder SMD resistors and LEDs,
It can easily be done without flashing. With a clever layout, you could probably fit an ATTiny with a button cell battery, and create an infinite amount of patterns with some programming. (Can you code?)

How long must the circuit operate? This will affect the decision for a power source.

Also, if your board is 8x15mm, what is the height limitation?

I mentioned coin cell batteries because I assumed you wanted power on board. If you could spare a couple wires to an external power source, I’d change my recommendations.