microcurrent frequency specific device?

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How To Create Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

I am looking to build a two channel (A/B) microcurrent (allowing from 20 - 600 microamps) with selectable frequencies ranging from 3 to 970 Hz). This is based on a medical device that I'm looking to replicate. I've figured out some of this but again, considering the wealth of knowledge here I'm sure some would know the best way to build this.
here are specifications


Device Specs

Frequency Range: 0.1 – 999.9 Hz programmable

Wave Form: Square pulses

Duty Cycle: 50%

Current Intensity: 20μA to 400μA

Constant current generator

Output Polarity: Programmable alternating, positive or negative

Output Load Resistance 0 to 100K ohm

Output Channels: Two fully independent channels

Output Connection: 3.5 mm mono phone jacks

Programming Port: micro-USB

Memory: Professional-up to 999 programmable protocols; Patient: up to 99 programmable protocols

Power Supply: (2) AA alkaline batteries

Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches

Weight: 6.42 oz

here is the link i am following


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If you intend using this gizmo for medical treatment of members of the public, won't it have to be officially approved? It will require generation of at least 40V, which could be dangerous if applied subcutaneously.

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Hi Alec,
Besically, i am a doctor,
1. device uses 9 volt battery
2. device gives micro current which is not felt by human

hence if anything goes wrong, only side effect is the person would not have ANY EFFECT,thats it.


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...can you help me with it,
To paraphrase Bill Clinton, that depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is. If you want something any more complicated than my project, you're going to need a micro-controller. This would give you much broader control over waveforms, frequencies and so on. That would be nice but it's much more complicated to get started if you don't already have experience with such a thing. There are people here that could guide you through it, but it's going to take more time than you might think. That's fine if you enjoy the process but if you just want to get to the endpoint, I'd shop around for a used unit or maybe even a sample unit from the supplier.