Microchip (Atmel) Studio versus MPLABX for Arduino convert?

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I'm an analog/mixed-signal guy and I've been playing around with Arduino as a side project for a bit over a year. I'm ready to make the jump to making some custom boards (instead of glorified shields) and to get a more professional toolchain together. I've had the most experience with the SAMD51 so I've been looking at MPLAB X and Microchip Studio to make one jump at a time and keep the MCU that I'm comfortable with.

Now, to pretty much quote what I've been reading, MPLAB X sucks and Atmel Studio is going to way of the dodo. So, does MPLAB X still suck, and does the rebranding to Microchip mean that Studio isn't really going away?

Recommendations for someone looking to try something new?



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If you have a working installation of Atmel Studio then you are good to go.
Move over to Microchip Studio at your own risk.

Personally, I prefer to use IAR Embedded Workbench.


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I would get Atmel Studio 4 (WinAVR) for Gnu/GCC and stay with that. I say version 4, because it's the last one that correctly supported compiler library directories. I haven't found a new IDE where they do it correctly- they expect you to duplicate your libraries among all your projects, rather than using the same library across project-- amateur-hour.