Meter probes and breadboard

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I have standard probes on my multimeters but I want to append some kind of end that lets me insert the probe into breadboard slots. Is there such a thing? does it have a name?

The pointy steel probe tips are not well suited to that.


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Not that I am aware of but I have been working on a project for solderless breadboards to make it easier for testing and to make it look nicer when wired up at the same time as shown here:


The wires are replaced with very small PCB boards. W indicates a 'wire' Wx where x is the number of contacts between pins. I also experimented around with mounting chips to these parts, with the chip on the underside and a nice easy to read an understand symbol on the top side (shown here is a OPA192 Op Amp wired as oscillator blinking the LED on and off.) The op-amp also already has bypass caps on the board as well thus making it easier to use with less parts on the breadboard.
The idea is to not only do this with the 'wires' but also with the resistors, capacitors etc. These will actually fit on the bottom of the PCB if you use 0603 parts.

This project was an outgrowth of all the headaches I was running into with using wires for wiring up these circuits, leads on resistors and caps getting all bent up over time etc. The wires are never the right length and end up breaking eventually. These devices have square gold post on the bottom that create an excellent connection with the bread board with less problems.

Being breadboards are for prototyping, I am considering adding special adapter boards for DMM',s and scopes that could also just be plugged in. My point being if you have any ideas on what you are looking for in what you would consider to be a 'good' easy to use adapter for a DMM then I am all ears. :)



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I use mini grabbers almost exclusively so I can clamp them onto a components leg or clip one onto a short jumper and plug the other end into the breadboard where needed for hands off operation. Especially when I have several things going on at once, sig gen input, couple of scope grabbers and sometimes several DMM measurements at once. Only time I use the probe is for quick diagnostics and higher voltages, and then usually have the ground lead clipped in while probing with the positive probe. I don't work with high voltage much at all so mini grabbers are the way for me. Another trick is using a bit of pin header material on the breadboard so I have multiple pins to connect multiple leads to the same point at times. In a pinch with a prob, using an alligator clamp jumper also works. It is possible to force a probe pin into a breadboard socket but I don't recommend it as it stretches the socket out and makes it difficult to use normally or just flat ruins it.