mechanical load sharing of coupled motors


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(re "blowing up"...) Am I that transparent?
Sorry I hope that did not come across the wrong way!

I was not implying YOU would blow it up (as an insult), I was actually speaking "tongue in cheek" generalising about building high power motor controllers, and "when you blow it up" is quite a common saying as high power motor controllers with FETs and PWM etc are notoriously easy to blow up if you do anything wrong either in software or hardware.

And the hardest one to build is a high power 3 phase full bridge for 3 phase BLDC, with all the complexities of high side driving etc etc.

Even experts in motor driver design will allow for blowing up at least one prototype and would order 2 sets of power FETs... :)

If you are not an expert in motor design, please consider going back to brushed DC motor, that you can drive with 1 FET and 1 PWM signal and measure current with 1 easy gnd referenced shunt resistor. And also allow for blowing that up a couple times in the process... ;)

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Hhaha, no what I meant by transparent was that I hadn't outright announced yet any intentions to build a BLDC controller, yet somehow you knew what I was thinking. BTW what makes high side driving more complex than low side?

EDIT: just read through the post, and yes, I see I did say that I was thinking of building a BLDC controller. So I can see how my post was not interpreted the way I intended; it made no sense!