MAX4908EWC+T, need help developing a project for my work

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Hello everyone, I am new here, this is my first post, I hope you can help me, I am developing a project for my work, and I ran out with this IC, this is exactly what i need for the PCB i am designing, however the issue is I dont know if I have to put external components as capacitors, resistors or another IC to use this with an external sound signal to use it in a common output, please if someone have an idea about this, please share with me,


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Oh, in the title.:oops:

An important detail to which attention should be paid:

Power-Supply Sequencing and Overvoltage
Caution: Do not exceed the Absolute Maximum
Ratings since stresses beyond the listed ratings may
cause permanent damage to the device.

Proper power-supply sequencing is recommended for all
CMOS devices. Improper supply sequencing can force
the switch into latchup, causing it to draw excessive supply
current. The only way out of latchup is to recycle the
power and reapply properly. Connect all ground pins first,
apply power to VCC , and finally apply signals to X_, Y_,
and common terminals. Follow the reverse order upon