material that reduce the voltage over distance

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I am working on spcail gyro sensor and i need for it conductive that make the elctric voltage lower when the the distance of the conductive is big for exmple in 30cm lbetween the minos and plus the voltage will be 10v
and on 15 cm it will be 4 or 5 v . someone knows how can it be done and when can i get the material for it i need it to be chip ,


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Mix clay with graphite dust and some water.
Then form your 30 cm thing and dry it.
Cheapest way.
You can anneal your thing, then it will waterproof (ceramic).
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Some fuel tank sending units (for the gauge) have a wire wound variable resistor in them.
Some go to 260 ohms. If you unwind the resistor wire you can use it as a voltage divider with a sliding contact.