Making use of LCD TV back-light and inverter

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Dear Friends,
I just disassembled an LCD TV that its main PSU blew up. I thought it would be interesting project to take the back light + inverter and use it for lighting. Well, I know its high-voltage, but one can take the right measures to work it out safe.
The 6x inverter is "Minebea" RDENC2556TPZ-easy to find on the web. Now, since the main TV PSU is dead, I thought that all I need it to know the right wiring to the terminal bus, and, v'walla-FIAT-LUX. Unfortunately, I could not find information about the wiring and voltages. I did understand that, apparently there are actually only 6 active terminal- three couples. One is for 12V main supply. The other, I think, is 5V that drives the electronics or 0-5V that controls the light intensity. I think that the last pair is on-off enabling.
I did try to hook it to 12V and 5V supply, and tried to "enable" in various ways, like shorting, the two, applying 5V, but nothing made it come alive.
I can't say for granted that the inverter board is not faulty.
In any case, now that there are more and more such units put in the trash, I think it could be nice to reuse it for efficient and soft lighting.
I am now wating for LED TV's to become also popular in the trash piles, and bring them to second life.
If anybody has interesting ideas about the unit I have, I'd be happy to test it.