Magnetic and electric Field Relations (convert A/M to V/M?) (60601 knowledge good)

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I am dealing with EMC immunity testing. I do not need to comply with 60601-1 for this test.

I am going to produce a magnetic field around a piece of equipment from 1Hz to 15KHz at certain frequencies and various strengths and see when it has issues. I probably will do the same with an rf generator from 30MHz to 1GHz in parallel.

I am a bit rusty on electromagnetic theory. My understanding is that anytime a magnetic field oscillates, a E field is created orthogonality (e.g., light).

What is the relation of amps/meter to volts/meter. In EMC immunity testing, most equipment is tested at 50/60Hz, 3A/M. But then blasted at 5V/M from 30MHz to 1GHz. What is the difference? They both must have magnetic fields and they both must have electric fields?

I hope I am communicating a question more than just confusion...thanks for the responses!