Mackie CR4 audio monitor

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Just to mention, desoldering pin 5 and bridging to pin 9 gets rid of all annoying noise that appears when just pin 5 is released. Working like a charm with that solution. Just leave pin 9 in place, desolder pin 5 and pull upwards, then bridge it to pin 9.
hi, just found this forum.

had same problem, used same solution, got same result, and very grateful for the info.

clipping pin 5 bought the sound back through the speaker cones, but with it hella noise.

not sure which bit exactly is pin 9 and quite how to bridge it......
if anyone has done this and can provide a snap shot....or perhaps could draw on one of the above pictures.....the level of hum is ungodly loud and happens even if the thing is only plugged in to power but off. i hate to waste the salvageable, even if its a rubbish product.

thanks again for helping me get this far.

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