Luminosity of standard RED led


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The datasheets for specific LEDs will have the answer. There isn't a 'standard' that I'm aware of.


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Luminous intensity is dependent on LED type and current. Manufacturers typically specify at 20mA.

If you need to know intensity of an unknown LED, you can use a sensor to measure. I've used products from TAOS.

Roderick Young

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What you can do is go to a vendor site like,, etc., and search LEDs. For example, if you go to mouser, go to Optoelectronics -> Led Indication -> Standard LEDs (through hole), and select the color Red. That narrows it down to 1339 choices, with luminous intensities from 0.1 mcd to 65000 mcd. Intensity is a function of how tightly the light is focused, of course. An LED with a narrow viewing angle will have high intensity compared to the same thing with a wide viewing angle. It could be the same physical LED die inside a package with a different lens, that's all.