LTE and GNSS signals with high density wire-to-board connectors

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I am refining the hardware on a touchscreen MCU I've designed for my e-motorcycle, and I am studying up on routing LTE and GNSS antenna signals within high density circuits. I am learning to what depths you must go to protect these high freq signals in PCB design/layout. Based on that I assume the answer to my first question is no, but I've yet find any good material specifically addressing it.

Is it possible to integrate LTE and active-GNSS signals into a non-shielded high-density automotive connector (like this TE Superseal 34) without wreaking havoc? Already in the connector are a variety of: CANBUS (250K), 2Mbps UART, 512Kbps UART, line-level unbalanced audio, 5V/12V signaling and switching. The cable breakouts on the pigtail would be shielded micro-coax all the way up to the Superseal connector pins, but from the pin thru the connectors to the PCB would be entirely unshielded. Is it out of the question that these two signals could coexist with the above mixed-signal and power circuits on a connector like this?

Assuming the above is not an option, what is the best long-term solution for a clean wire-to-board design that includes everything mentioned above? In addition to the Superseal connector, should I simply plan to have two panel-mount SMA connectors on my device indefinitely? Or is there another good option I'm not aware of perhaps? Thanks in advance.
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