LSM303C how to compute compass heading using accelerometer and magnetometer data

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I am using LSM303C 3D compass module to measure accelerometer and magnetometer. Ideally I would like to know a compass heading which would tell me which direction I am facing, however, I am still not unsure how would you do that. I have tried using FusionCompass library which takes the cross product of my accelerometer and magnetometer data, but the results are not quite as expected.

My accelerometer data seems fine - when the device is flat on the surface, I am reading(converted to G):


Is there any way to confirm whether the magnetometer data is correct?

My debug window:

void magxl_test() {
  if(magxl_init() < 0) {
    if(I2C1_IsDeviceReady(MAG_SLAVE_ADDRESS7, 5) == HAL_OK) {
      #ifdef DEBUG_PRINT
      debug_printf("MAG responding to Address!\n");
    else {
      #ifdef DEBUG_PRINT
      debug_printf("MAG not responding\n");
  uint8_t reg = WHO_AM_I_A;

FusionVector3 accelerometer = {
   .axis.x = 0.0f,
   .axis.y = 0.0f,
   .axis.z = 0.0f,

FusionVector3 magnetometer = {
   .axis.x = 0.0f,
   .axis.y = 0.0f,
   .axis.z = 0.0f,

  xyzData_t magdata; //create a variable named magdata which contains structure x y and z
  xyzData_t xldata[32];
  int dataCount;
  float curent_time=HAL_GetTick();

  while(1) {   

    dataCount = magxl_xl_getFIFOData(xldata);
    // Calculate offset for each axis and substract from reading
      float offset_X= (X_MAX + X_MIN)/2;
      float offset_Y= (Y_MAX + Y_MIN)/2;
      float offset_Z= (Z_MAX + Z_MIN)/2;
    #ifdef DEBUG_PRINT
    debug_printf("\n\n>>magnetometer x: %i, y: %i, z: %i\n", magdata.x, magdata.y, magdata.z);
    debug_printf("\n Accelerometer x: %i, y: %i, z: %i\n", xldata->x, xldata->y, xldata->z);
      //Convert to G value
      //Z@1G = 15500
      //Z@-1G = -16800
      //Z Centre Point = (15500 - 16800) / 2 = -650
      //Z Range = 15500 + 16800 = 32300
      //G Per Sample Z = 2.0G /32300 = 0.00006191950464f
     // 2G divided by full scale for each axis
      GPerSample.z = 2 / (Z_MAX - Z_MIN);
      GPerSample.y = 2 / (Y_MAX - Y_MIN);
      GPerSample.x = 2 / (X_MAX - X_MIN);
      // Calculate offset for each axis and substract from reading

      float zG = (GPerSample.z *  (xldata->z));
      float xG = (GPerSample.x *  (xldata->x));
      float yG = (GPerSample.y *  (xldata->y));
      #ifdef DEBUG_PRINT
      debug_printf("\n DEBUG****Accelerometer in G: X: %f , Y: %f, Z: %f\n", xG, yG, zG);

     magnetometer.axis.x = ((float)magdata.x);
     magnetometer.axis.y = ((float)magdata.y);
     magnetometer.axis.z = ((float)magdata.z);
     accelerometer.axis.x = ((float) xldata->x);
     accelerometer.axis.y = ((float) xldata->y);
     accelerometer.axis.z = ((float) xldata->z);

   // debug_printf("\n\n>>magnetometer x: %i, y: %i, z: %i\n", magdata.x, magdata.y, magdata.z);

    float heading = FusionCompassCalculateHeading(accelerometer, magnetometer);
    debug_printf("\theading: %f\n", heading);
    float last_time=HAL_GetTick();
    debug_printf("time= %.2f\n", last_time);

As I rotate my device 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise, I expect the heading to change by approximately 90, but it does not.

Considering the fact that the accelerometer data is correct, the magnetometer data should be fine too therefore I believe there might be a problem with the way the formulas compute the compass heading in the fusioncompass functions.