Low voltage protection circuit - disconnect when voltage drops below set point

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I need to be able to disconnect a power source (battery) when the voltage drops below a certain point which will usually be about 3v but it would be nice to be able to get down to .9 - 1v for when I'm testing NiCd and NiMH batteries. I need to test the capacity of a number of Lithium cells as well as some NiMH and I have a tester that draws a constant load (up to 180w) but it won't disconnect automatically if the V drops past a point, which I'd like to then put a circuit in line to take care of this.

I'm guessing 10A will be sufficient but probably wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to do 15A.

Does anyone know of a pre-made board that can do the voltage monitoring and then disconnect w/ a relay?

Someone suggested this device and it looks like it has some features I need (including the lower voltages I need) but it also looks like a charger. I'm also not sure what the 220v input is used for and would 120 work alright (I only have 120 & 240vac).


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Look at the 7665S CMOS Micropower Over/Under Voltage Detector chip and see if it works for you. It is an over/under watchdog chip with alarm setpoint outputs. Not a premade module but food for thought.


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An independent power supply, an comparator and a PNP bjt drive circuit (one 10K Rbe cross on b, e pins) and a low Rds PMOSFET or relay, something like that, the similar method as this.


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That ebay module would appear to do what you want, as it can be used as a low-voltage discharge monitor, with a relay to cut off the discharge.


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That module doesn't say what the chip is and can't read it in the pic but sure sounds like the 7665...


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There are rather much products realizing this undervoltage/overvoltage protection functionanality.
For example IRS2452; LB11696; Max6399 and more extended list anyone may get at the octopart.com search engine


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That module doesn't say what the chip is and can't read it in the pic but sure sounds like the 7665...
Hard to figure the inductor on pin 2/6 ...

My guess is a uC under the display. Given the operating voltage range, I think the 8-pin chip is a buck regulator with onboard FETs.