Low pass filter and gain calculation

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Hello everyone,
I am working on a data acquisition system project . I have used SMPS power supply and two pressure sensors(-5V to +5V input) and (0-20mV o/p)
my analog circuit consists of one op-amp(OP07) and one instrumentation amplifier(AD620)
Output of circuit after signal conditioning is given to 16 bit ADC (ads1115).
output of sensors show lot of fluctuation so i have used this low pass filter (Image attached)
if anyone could please explain how this filter works and what is GAIN of this filter it would be of immense help.

Thank you .
ca296b3a-273c-4322-a9d9-9b0a4d4c7e89.jpgHello everyone,


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As Wally said, the gain is +2.0 at DC. Shteii, why do you think the gain is -1?

OP: Where did you get this circuit, and what does the source say about its gain and frequency response?