LORA SX1272 firmware issue? Not LORAWAN

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I am making a couple of experimental LORA transceivers using PIC. I am having an odd issue that I think may have to do with the way my firmware tracks the register that holds the latest address of incoming packets.

My transmitter transmits a packet made of 10 fixed bytes, i.e. a packet of 10 bytes long sent 3 times. My receiver receives the first packet perfectly every single time but the other 2 packets seem to be always wrong. The firmware works on interrupts, so every time I receive a RX complete signal from the chip, my routine goes through reading the buffer starting at 0x00, read the first 10 bytes and then the next 10 from the next memory location in the buffer i.e. 0x00 to 0x0A which is the first packet, then 0x0B to 0x14 and so on.

Receive buffer starts at address 0x00, so I guess it is easy to receive the first packet ok but once the first packet is read, it then waits for the next interrupt and when it occurs I read 0x0B to 0x14. So theoretically the next packet should read correctly but its just random numbers. I know the data was received fine and without errors as the status register indicates no errors and shows all packets were received correctly.

Has anyone here had any experience with LORA chips and the way you read the RX buffer who may see what I am doing wrong, maybe I just dont understand how to track the incoming data - there are a couple of registers that tell me where the latest packet is held registers 0x10 & 0x25 but I just cant get it working. Note, I am not using Arduino so not using Arduino libraries etc and I couldnt find a PIC library.