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@ Billo ,I am very clear about things,I am Loosewire by choice.
What don't you understand,I will give an answer,not an
opinion.What on your mind,are you surprised that I raised
ducks.Attacked by a goose,love my picture on my album.
Did I miss anything. I am disconnected from most members
because some things I do,the average member would not do
In general. When I disconnect .. 1 in 100,000 people would
not be able to do this,an estimate-A recorded activity.
I have two motor cycles.
Mr. Loose (can I call you that?),

Maybe you take my meaning wrongly. This thread is meant to honor you, not dishonor. You have indeed etched out a unique place for yourself here at AAC. I have no doubt that it would not be the same pace without you. So my request of the general public herewith is equally unique (I hope).

Were you originally from Poland? I only ask as you remind me so much of a very determined and accomplished Polish friend.

In any case, you can see that you have evoked a visceral (and hence real) response in many of the forum members. A sign of success?

Perhaps I do understand...

I once had 14 motorcycles. I have made a conscious and difficult effort over the last 2 years to reduce that to 4. I still have a small way to go as my goal is two, like yourself.


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Sir , I am honored that you took the time to humble me with your words.
I am not Polish,thanks for the thought, more members would speak out,but
they want to keep deep privacy.Some say they are from Mars,at least I
say I'm from South Fla.You have to remember that all my posting Is In a
mental file,I have to remember what I have posted so I keep my privacy.
I have experienced so many things,that keeps me In the conversation.
There are many Important things that I have never mentioned. I will give
one more now,I started a popular youth program that entertained the
public at lunch time,It was down town It would be hard to tract. I had
top entertainers and public figures.That a new one for the Forum. There
are a lot more.