loosewire ...


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@ Billo ,I am very clear about things,I am Loosewire by choice.
What don't you understand,I will give an answer,not an
opinion.What on your mind,are you surprised that I raised
ducks.Attacked by a goose,love my picture on my album.
Did I miss anything. I am disconnected from most members
because some things I do,the average member would not do
In general. When I disconnect .. 1 in 100,000 people would
not be able to do this,an estimate-A recorded activity.
I have two motor cycles.
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I once asked him what his first language was and all I got was gibberish, so I decided that was his first language.


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Oh god...My stomach hurts. LOL.
U know when I joined this forum I did not know how a typical forum works and how the members are chosen or it was the other way around.
I got pissed when my post goes unanswered. I didn't know tht the members really never met each other.
I always though tht ya all are a group who lives in the same state or area and u all decided to run this forum.
And during that time I always wonder who this loosewire character is.

Cause his posts hardly makes any sense to me then :confused:.

I really thought then he had a loose screw some where in his brain and sometimes I thought he was the jester of the forum.

Much later I realized he chose to be what he is, and now I do have much respect to him as any other member. :D


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Opinion requested:

Is loosewire merely loose, or is he entirely disconnected?:confused:
loosewire is a genius operating on such a high level that the rest of us can't fully grasp all of his logic.

He reminds me of the movie "Defending your life", where the characters in the afterlife use about 50 percent of their brain, as opposed to the people who die on earth and have just arrived for judgment, and use only about 3 percent of their brain. Throughout the movie the "big-brain" types laugh at jokes that make no sense to the "little-brain" types.



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"wait Until Loosewire fixed It" Loosewire fixed It,how....

Wait until we've repaired it

Welcome to the basement
Where the fix Is In
Bad news is left at the door
Come back again,you are always
welcome, just don't touch the
"Loosewire" are you 1 in 100,000
Are you certified and notable


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Did you know that roughly 1 in 100,000 skydivers die in a parachuting accident?
Or there is a bone marrow stem cell donor for 1 in 100,000 Leukemia patients?
Or liver disease affects roughly 1 in 100,000 people in the U.S.
1 in 100,000 Americans have seen the movie "Redacted".
1 in 100,000 people DON'T hate spiders.

And one in 100,000 people in the world are like loosewire.
I don't know about you guys, but I sure feel lucky to know this guy :D


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Well I got flogged in public in this forum. In a posting by Lossewire. Because I did take any interest of one of his postings. Something about plasma T.V. I think the topic was. So the rest of you lot. You are herby warned