Looking to improve my knowledge of capacitors

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Hello all. I am writing this post asking if anyone had some good resources for more in depth learning about capacitors and their many uses. I understand the working principles of capacitors and many of their uses, such as a filters and transient circuits. I was wondering if someone had a sort of list with all the different uses of capacitors because I am sure there are much more than I know. I was also wondering if anyone had any good resources explaining the reasoning behind using one type of capacitors, such as ceramic instead of a different type. I always learned about basic circuits using a few capacitors at most, but at my job working with SMT boards I see thousands of capacitors on a single board and know there has to be way more to these components than I know, so I was wondering of some good resources to take a basic understanding of capacitors and make that an advanced understanding. Also if anyone has any good resources to learn about using transistors as capacitors I would be interested in that too. Thanks in advance.