looking to buy used power supply station


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i need power supply station with adjustable V and A ,so i can inject power that i want in lap top.
A variable power supply is not very high on the list of items I would acquire to begin working on laptops computers. Laptops generally need a fixed input voltage and less—and certainly more—than that is not a particularly useful way to “fix” anything, or to diagnose it.

Why do you think you need a variable power supply?


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Laptop power supplies are designed and built around the laptop they support. Additionally, laptops have the ability to determine when a external supply is connected and "know" if the supply is compatible.



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it will help,how much you wanna charge me,thanks.
It won’t help at all. The stated range of the supply is far too low in amperage and potentially destructive in voltage. I think the point was intended to be that your request lacks any connection to reality.

You can get a cheap variable voltage supply—typically 0-30V at 0-5A from Amazon for under $50. This still doesn’t it make the device useful for your stated purpose.

To put a fine point on it: you don’t need a variable power supply, you need a lot more knowledge about electronics before you attach leads from anything to anything else unless you just don’t care about destroying things you say you want to fix.

At this point, unless you say something to convince me you are paying attention to these warnings, I will close this thread to prevent abuse of you or the forum. Sorry to be so apparently harsh, but this is just not OK.