Looking for your expertise in ADC input for eliminating transient voltages, amplification.

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Hello All,
I am working on STM32F051 microcontroller, I have assigned one pin as ADC and I am using an single axis industrial accelerometer to measure the vibration of a motor. I have here two questions:
  1. when ever I am trying to look for the values of vibration of motor while debugging in keil. when ever there is a sudden release of energy while stopping or starting the motor, debugger is not working/ program suddenly stops. especially during the below marked red lines. Hw can I eliminate?upload_2018-8-28_8-43-38.png
  2. The output from accelerometer is in mv i.e., 20 to 50mv. I need to connect this output to microcontroller ADC input. Is it better to clamp the signal or it is better to amplify the signal for a better result ?


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hi Ashok,
I suspect the controller is hanging on the transient spikes appearing on the MCU power rails.
I would suggest that you amplify the acc signal before peak limiting with a clamp.
The scope trace shows a +1v offset, which should be reduced before amplifying the AC component.



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Not all caps are equal in terms of powre rail effectiveness for
noise suppression

Make sure you UP rails are well bypassed. And make sure
your motor currents flow in a separate ground rail and only meet
at board edge with UP ground rail.

Regards, Dana.


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If there is some high frequency noise that is above the vibration frequencies of interest, you could add a low-pass filter of the appropriate rolloff to reduce the noise level.