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Hi all.
A cell telephone has an unusually loud ringer speaker element for its size. It is the same speaker used as in hands-free listening, I think.

Am after such tiny loudspeaker, its matching audio amplifier IC (much better if there is one with amplifier built into the speaker module) and made to work on 3.6 V.

Chances are that canibalizing a defunct cell phone would yield it all. But, do you know which type of speaker is loudest ? Like :

----> https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?SearchText=cell+phone+speaker+diy&opensearch=true

The project calls for a voice amplifier if possible about 0.5 Watt, or the highest achievable in less than two square inches, perhaps up to 0.5" thick. Source can be electret or dynamic microspeaker as microphone.

Never had or played with one of those rectangular speaker modules.

Edited - added: Sorry, I did not do my homework fully before posting. Found compact modules from Adafruit that meet needs.
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