Looking for the best solution about pre-certified RF modules

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I need to communicate 2 devices wirelessly, 1 or 1.5 meters away from each other. I just need to send a command, it means, I send HIGH value to receive HIGH value in the receiver, actually the transmitter side is a button.

The constraint is to use a pre-certified module to avoid a future process certifying it plus the money to get it certified.

Could you suggest the best RF module solution in terms of cost and simplicity?
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Generally speaking manufacturers will supply a module to FCC for certification, and supply layout
and design recommendations to users.

That being said once you put module in your product certification has to be done. Good news is that
FCC rely on manufacturer module data as a basic starting point.

My knowledge is a bit old on this topic, I would advise a call to FCC, visit to their website, to see whats
required these days, basic process, methods to minimize que time, eval time at FCC.....

There are of course in most major design regions consultants that can advise.

Regards, Dana.