Looking for rock-solid RTOS+TCP stack+DHCPclient combo for ARM Cortex M4 ?

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we're looking for rock solid combination of RTOS, TCP Stack and DHCP (and other) client.

What for ?
We need stable DHCP client, so module gets safely IP number all the time. We need stable TCP stack so module can exchange messages with the cloud storage.
And probably we also need RTOS...

Why ?

Because our experiences were not so good in the past, we're seeking for recomendation on rock solid development combo - we're currently evaluating Ti connected Launchpad....

Previous experiences:
Ti seems to have problem with demo app (or better said driver), cause it dies after day or two... we also hear about some unstable DHCP clients also. Therefore we would kindly ask
if you can point out your favourite combo...

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