Looking for power topology suggestions for my application (high voltage)

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Hi all,

I am looking for suggestions for the following specification:
Input voltage 243-297VDC
Output voltages: -3kV, -6kVDC
Output currents: 200mA, and 10mA (peak)
Output powers: 600W and 60W, 660W total (peak)
Max output voltage ripple of 100mV at steady state.

I say peak because the output load is pulsed on and off, the application is for a radar transmitter. The duty cycle and frequency of the output pulsing changes, from a minimum duty of 1% at 100khz to a 50% pulse at 100Hz.

It is preferred the solution operates at high frequency to minimise passive components, and acheive a small solution.
It is preffered that the solution operates at a fixed frequency (but not essential).
Consider possibility of using wide band-gap devices.

I have been doing a lot of work on supplies, having designed an LCC, push-pull stage for this application. However I have found that the LCC is variable frequency, and the push-pull voltage stress is too high even with passive and active clamping.

I believe my best course of action might be to design an active-clamped flyback converter, as it is much more simple than the others and this is essentially my first converter design. I think I can push this to relatively high frequency with the active clamping and achieve good efficiency with a simple topology. I feel like maybe I am over complicating the design rather than getting something built in lab and testing it. My only concern with the fly-back is whether it will be able to control the load effectively enough, since a very low ripple is desirable for the sensitive equipment.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.