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I am looking for a PCB manufacturer, preferably in Canada that does one-offs in a fairly good turnaround time. I know someone is going to say to do a Search but I am hoping to hear who the preferred board houses are and why. I have done a few searches on here and find the search function to be all over the place in terms of the response you get. Maybe it is just me.
Anyways, who do you use and why. Looking for good quality North American made. Before anyone gets offended, I choose NA because of shipping costs and time. No other reasons :)


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Its in china but JLCPCB is excellent. I use them quite often and have always been happy with their the boards. Osh park maybe is only one that I remember off hand in NA but their price for 1 or 2 boards is more then having a slew made at jlcpcb and dhl from china.

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Thank you @narkeleptk . I was aware of both of them but hoping for NA content and preferably Canada. There are a couple here but have never heard of either of them. Hoping a few of the Canucks would chime in.


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Not Canada, but Silver Circuits uses I think FedEx, so their turn around time isn't bad. I've used them several times and shipping for small batches of boards is only like $10-$12. A place I have done some work for has used Slingshot Assembly (https://slingshotassembly.com/) to get some boards done really quick. I have no idea what the costs were, they were high dollar projects so the cost might have been insignificant relatively speaking, but it's worth giving them a call. They're in Colorado, USA.


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3 boards cost $72 at OSHPARK (plan to use them for the final spin)
5 almost equivalent quality boards cost $42 at JLCPCB with DHL so this is their board with a few parts added.

Only need two prototype boards to develop the final board spin as the software matures so the prototype extras while nice, are wasted.
It depends on your volumes and any special requirements for laminate or UL./CSA or thin traces etc.
In Canada, many PCB houses shut down, citing chinese pcb manufacturers for dumping (see below).

Out East, Circuits Labo very good pricing (best price guarantee) but a bit snobby as usual for Quebecers, language thing and they seem to round up hole sizes too much.
Out West, Canadian Circuits does well.

AP Circuits Calgary closing note:
"The Chinese Government has aggressively pursued market dominance for their industries forcing over 600 board shops to shutter in North America in the past 5 years. As of June 2019, pricing for Chinese produced boards delivered to North America are less expensive than raw material costs and overhead for a domestic fabricator. Except for instances where Intellectual Property protection is required, Chinese shops are taking the majority of the remaining orders. Privately owned operations are unable to compete against a government's wealth. This past year, prototyping has been aggressively pursued by Chinese fabricators. A reduction in delivery times from their continent combined with artificially low pricing is impacting all manufacturing in North America. After 35 years in operation, AP Circuits has been forced to discontinue production and layoff it's staff."