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I've been looking for a simple frequency generator module capable of a sine wave output @ up to 10ish Vpp, up to 30 VDC input. I've found a few but the specs and operation descriptions are so cryptic due to the Chinese translation, I'm not sure what I would buying. They don't always provide all the specs I need.

Does anybody have a go-to source that they've used with success?

Something like this is typically what I am looking for... If a website has a selection of these with readable specs I could take it from there.



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You don't mention frequency? The only module I am aware of and up to 3.0 MHz is something like this one from Sparkfun Electronics. The data sheet can be seen here and the pre-made board uses a pair of Analog Devices chips including a Programmable Waveform Generator AD9837 along with a High Speed Op Amp AD8045. You would still need to build an output amplifier to get your desired output. Square wave generators as pictured in your post but sine wave outputs are a little more difficult to find. You may want to try a Google of "Programmable Waveform Generator Module" and see if much else turns up which will give you a sine wave output.



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There is always wavedac component in PSOC.


Its easy to modify and do burst waveforms, multiple waveforms.
And all this using < 10% of the parts capabilities to do things like
measure frequency, period, voltage......

Board is $ 10 -



Regards, Dana.
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