Looking for Flip Flop D Prescaler

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Hi guys,
i need to halve a digital signal to 50KHZ. I'm looking for a sigle/dual D type flip flop in SMD/THT format that i can use as a prescaler that has both Q' output negated.
Can someone help me with this?


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what do you mean by "Q' negated"???? Certainly there are triggered flipflops that will provide both "Q" and the complement, if that is what you are seeking. CD4013, available in a number of different package sizes.


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By Q' negated I mean the inverted output.
Two negatives make a positive.
Q' negated results in Q.

What you meant to say, I want a flip-flop with both Q and Q negated, i.e. Q and Q'.
Most flip-flops come with what you request.


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First of all, thank you all :
@dl324 voltage level is 5V.
@MisterBill2 By Q' negated I mean the inverted output..
@Papabravo 74LVC1G74 can be powered with 5VCC?
Read the datasheet and all will be revealed.
AFAIK you can use any VCC voltage from 1.65 Volts to 5.5 Volts. Additionally, when you have a low value of VCC, all of the inputs are tolerant of higher voltage levels. for example, if VCC is 3.3 Volts, the inputs can handle +5 Volts.

Hi there,

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There are big differences in the inputs of the different devices, which can be a problem in some instances.The CD4013 has HIGH true set and reset, while the 7474 series requires LOW true set and reset. For some, the trigger is rising edge trigger to change state while for some others it is falling edge. With "J K" inputs it can also be different states of the inputs required.
So while simple frequency dividing is the application, there are differences that can require consideration for the rest of the application.