Looking for article reccomendations/communication systems question

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Hey guys, I was wondering: what articles on the electrical engineering industry should I be reading about? I was thinking id get familiar with what cutting edge technology companies are using nowadays, as well as what equipment, technology is the future of the industry as well as what they're used for. Also, what are some articles you guys reccomend on communication systems and what technology they use? My aspirations are to someday work for boeing or lockheed and im really interested on what they're communication systems on their planes are like and other stuff. Ill be graduating soonish and i figured reading about these things and what the future holds can help me in finding internships/employement.
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In COM area serial comm has become quite prevalent for handling buses
and sensors. SPI, I2C, CAN, One Wire as examples, all relatively low speed.

Very high speed like Video are using LVDS physical layer. And further for even higher
speed buses fiber technologies as well.

Then there is the whole field of secure communications and a plethora of implementations

IEEE papers tend to lead respective fields by years.

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