Looking for a soldering station

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I have been using a cheap soldering iron which sadly doesn't work anymore; therefore, I have decided to get a soldering station.

Which one would you suggest and from where? (I live in Europe).

Thank you for the suggestions!


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Build a kit T12 station into your own case? I took that route, reasoning that if the clone tips were junk I could install a real Hakko tip and get all the benefits of the real thing. The T12 tip combines tip, heater and temperature sensor in one unit, so costs more, but should be more accurate and consistent. (So far, the clone tips seem to work just fine.) I built mine to use an external supply, so I can run it from a battery pack or a 19V Dell laptop power brick. (Wattage at 12V seems just fine for most purposes, though.)

These LED versions may not have an accurate temperature display, but I just set mine to a number that works and don't worry about what it is in real degrees.
OLED versions cost more, but have a better UI.

Or, there are versions with an OLED controller built into the handle:
This is more convenient for portable use, cheaper, and no assembly required.