Looking for a book recommendation to learn basic electronics

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I am looking for a book that will teach me things like how to calculate what resistor I need for a circuit...or what transistor to use...just basic stuff with some easy math. What I am not looking for is a college text book or an overly simplified book on what voltage and current is, for example.

With that being said, any recommendations?


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Ohm's Law is used to calculate resistor values.

Don't think you'll find any book that will give an exhaustive explanation for how to select a transistor. As long as you understand the circuit requirements (maximum voltage, maximum current, current gain, operating frequency, etc), you should be able to select a suitable transistor.


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I have LOTS of books and each has some good information. You need to learn the basic Ohm's Law's algebraic calculations for Voltage, Resistance and Current. Somewhere I have a textbook on just basic circuit calculations using only algebra and trig. Schematic symbols and basic circuit diagrams. Lot's of sources for that. DC and AC theory. Once again many books at various levels of subject depth. I had a book years ago that was a decent introduction, but don't see one like it today. Buy a multimeter and a basic components kit with a breadboard. Nothing elaborate to start with, some switches, resistors, LEDs, jumper wires, battery holder, etc. Reading about it isn't learning it. You have to do it to learn what works and what doesn't. As you learn more there will become a need to learn more in depth in different areas. It is a never ending process for me and I will be learning until the day I die. As to books... I buy used ones for much less than cover price from several used book brokers. There is also an enormous amount of information available online for free.


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My first book was a gift from an uncle, the NAVPERS (Bureau of Navy Personnel) Basic Electricity book. It's quite dates, but I think it still has value in various sections. I learned a great deal as a 7-year old from it, and kept rereading it after that. It's both theoretical (though simple minded) and practical.

The book is available widely online free, along with other NAVPERS titles.


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I've been using Practical Electronics For Inventors (4th edition). It has really helped me as a reference over the last couple of years. It has been useful to quickly look up things I've forgotten as well as provide practical examples of everyday problems or projects.