Longer range bluetooth signal from stereo amplifier audio ?


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Try this just as an experiment.
Find the wavelength of Bluetooth in mm.
Cut out a square of copper plate equal to one fourth of the wavelength in mm, on all four sides.
Carefully fold the copper plate in half, so the two sides are at 90 degrees. It should look like an open book. (Don't cut it in half).
Position your Bluetooth antenna in front of the copper plate "book". Put the dead end part of the antenna pointing upwards. Center the antenna vertically in the "book". Position the antenna so it's just inside the outer edges of the copper plate.
Figure out how to hold all that in place.
Take your hands away and see if you get more range. Adjust the dimensions a little to fine tune the set up. Lots of trial and error.
Google "antenna reflector"

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Thanks. Hmmm... something does not click here. Antenna improvements ? For the transmitter ?

Am after audio input like ---> http://www.miniinthebox.com/bluetoo...t-for-tv-dvd-power-amplifier-cd_p2701553.html

On higher power/long range, not USB like ----> http://www.trendnet.com/products/proddetail.asp?prod=170_TBW-106UB
But still cannot believe that tiny gadget will truly do 100metres.

- No compfusers involved -

Perhaps this, with a high gain antenna ?
----> http://www.amazon.com/Miccus-Home-R..._UL160_SR160,160_&refRID=02V24D2E9DZX3MESKTP8


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Yeah, sorry, I had been looking at a bluetooth circuit board with a built in antenna on another thread, and got the situations crossed. I'd say that find at amazon is on the right track. And if that solution doesn't have the range you need, google "bluetooth range extender".