long range antenna in urban (not in line of sight)

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Hello everyone

what is the best method to transmit a video signal in urban with distance of 1000 feet (approx. 300 m) ?

is this by using low frequency transmitter and antenna or by simply by using a high power ?

thank you in advance for your posts .

I have pleasure to know the answers from your experience :)


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Without a line of sight, the only legal way to do this would be to modulate the signal using one of the bands that are open to hobby/experimental transmissions. In the US, there are a few such bands, but there are other restrictions, like maximum power, antenna height, ... I'm not completely up to speed on this topic, but you'll need to be very careful to understand your local regulations. Doing this will probably require that you build or buy a transmitter made for the legal band.


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the 2.4GHz band and higher need a clear line of sight. google up ham radio TV for alternatives to microwave systems


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ah ok i understood , but the 2.4 Ghz , 1.2 Ghz and 434 Mhz amateur channels cannot be a solution for my problem ?
Only if you are a licensed amateur, and the signal being transmitted is non-commercial, and meets the third-party content requirements of your country's Communication's Commission.

For example, as a licensed amateur in the USA, I can transmit video for my own purposes, but I cannot do it for a business, or even if someone is paying me to do it.


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your other choice is to go higher and use a tower.
A higher tower? It's 1000 feet...2 city blocks...1/5th of a mile. Somehow I can't see that as a long distance for an RF transmitter.
It seems to me the only way to need a higher tower is when transmitting from the basement of your building.


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@ #12:
the OP mentioned he did not have a clear line of sight, and most times a little altitude can fix that. other times you just need some attitude. :)


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uhf works better to penetrate buildings, and antennas with gain are still rather small. you might have to opint the antenna in a different direction to get a reflection around a building.