Load Cell Problem

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Hello Who can help me dear I'm tired to reslove my problem but i dont know what to do plz help me
https://uploadfiles.io/89268 https://uploadfiles.io/85149

I have one tank with 3 load cell
2 load cell are fron one load cell in right i have one load cell but this load cell have more kg
I cant calibrate i have connect with junction box but i dont know how to do . if i connect 2 load cell when i m calibration i have this number 260430 if i connect right load cell i have 564303 , how to configuration right load cell
You can see in photo i have tank in 45 desgree plz help me what can i do


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So you have 3 load cells; two have the same capacity, and the third has a different capacity. And you're trying to use them together? Are you reading all 3 of them individually?