Linking physical buttons - game controller mod

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I’m extremely inexperienced- I’ve done some soldering and circuitry in college. I have a small project idea and I can’t tell how easy/viable it actually is.

I’d like to stick the internals of my TV’s remote control inside an N64 controller and reword the connections so that the N64 buttons perform remote-tasks.

My understanding of buttons is that they complete an otherwise broken circuit. Knowing this is doesn’t seem like I can just solder two buttons together.

How much of an undertaking is this? Too much for a beginner? Any tips?


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If you want the N64 buttons still to control the N64, then no, won't work. There are several issues. The remote probably has two AA batteries, but the N64 internal working voltage might be different. In one system the switches might be pulling signals down to 0 V while in the other they are pulling signals up to 3.3 V. Direct connections between two systems always is tricky; lotsa compatibility issues.

The switches probably are not discrete. In both devices, the switches probably are incorporated into a pc board assembly with the rest of the system circuits on it. Often the pc board traces are on the top side, under the switches, so it is difficult to find a place to attach wires, make trace cuts, etc.