Line and Load Regulation

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How can I calculate the line and load regulation for an oscillator ?
For exemple: A non-sinusoidal Oscillator
When I calculate line regulation delta(Vout)/delta(Vin) I didn't know what is Vin, because an oscillator doesn't have an input source.


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'Line' in this case might be the oscillator supply voltage.
However, for an oscillator, it is more likely to be the output frequency variation with supply voltage and loading you would be interested in.


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You could relate the change in output amplitude to the change in power supply voltage, if that is what you are interested in. What is it that you would like to express? Why do you want to calculate those things, whatever they are?

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Hello there
There are specific guidelines and tips for measuring proper line and load regulation by vendors such as TI, NI and ST. .