Like to hire someone to help me build a remote controlled beeping device

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My house is at the bottom of a very steep driveway. I want a device that allows me to click a button or flip a switch in my car which will cause a beeper to start at the top of my driveway to alert people up in the street (kids) that I am backing up. Then, I'd punch a button again to turn it off.

I am aware of dog training beep colors, but I haven't seen a version that would really do what I want well.

Also, it'd be awesome if this device could be activated by a garage door remote since one of my vehicles has three programmable garage door opener buttons.

Other ideals: volume control;l auto-shut-off after specified time period.

I'm happy to pay someone to help.


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MrChips - Could this beeper be attached to my mailbox and not to my car (as I described I wanted)?

Anyone else have any ideas?
Well, it could be. But then your driving range would be limited to the length of wire between your car and the mailbox. You could also put the beeper in the mail box and connect it wirelessly to the reverse switch in you car. Is the purpose to keep you from hitting the mailbox?

If you look for wireless switch or remote switch you should find something, this is just the first one that came up...

have it switch somethjing like this....

and this, dont want to run over a deaf person!!

Given the small power requirement you could add a modest SLA battery and a 10W-20w solar panel + charge regulator.

A small alarm box, with a built in strobe and battery may be a good choice.

There are probably hundreds of ways to do this and many of them wil only require you to plug a few bits together.
Have fun,

I am self employed and could build you something and then post it out if you want me to but I expect my rates would eclipse the cost of the bits.
On the other hand recommending parts and providing instruction is just in the spirit of this forum and I may even find 1/2 hr to draw you a circuit.

One impotent point, do you have line of site from the top of the drive to the point where you want the kit installed. Small high frequency remotes dont do well through trees/bushes.
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I'd be very reluctant to put any money into something near the street. I live in a good neighborhood but it's not unusual for mailboxes and landscape lights to be victims of Friday night teenage hooligans. I think whatever you put on/near a mailbox becomes an immediate target.

People are used to trucks and service vehicles beeping as they back up. I strongly recommend sticking with what people already know - the beep that comes from the vehicle that is backing up. Anything else could be confusing or ignored as just a nuisance. And adding a beeper to the back-up lights would be a fairly simple project.

If you insist on a system not installed in the vehicle, one thing to throw in the mix of ideas is an internet controlled switch. I've been playing with an iHome Smartplug and I'm pretty impressed. It was <$25 at Home Depot and gives me control over an 1800W-rated outlet from anywhere in the world via the internet. You could turn on an alarm with your smartphone, and have it turn off with a geofence that detects when you've driven away.