Life comes at you fast: A personal announcement for those interested.

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I am woefully behind in the obligatory sharing of good news.

This week we were visit ing my third son and his wife who had just given birth to a baby boy making our third grandson and fifth grandchild. We have gone from 0 to 5 in ~2 years, which is a whirlwind. My wife has been amazing for the children helping both with the births and the aftercare of mom and baby.

Just arrived is Lior Avraham, a healthy baby boy that looks striking like a miniature version of his father.


Just prior to that fresh from the hospital, was Ayla, a lovely girl born to my second son and his wife.


And before that was Gamliel, a very robust boy born to my daughter and her husband.


We are, of course, very grateful for the healthy births and somewhat agape at the sudden flock of grandchildren who now fill up the house when they all visit together—a very fortunate and not unusual event. Even with the noise and confusion, the mess and expense, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
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